Show Your Love and Appreciation for Mary Lilly



Mary has touched all of our lives and we have a wonderful way to honor her! But we need your help!


Our preschool has a new name, Goldman Family Preschool, and a beautiful new home. At the heart of the new space is a light-filled welcoming atrium where our families will greet each other and celebrate Shabbat together each week. To honor Mary's warmth, love and caring for our entire community we want to name this area the Mary Lilly Gathering Space.


Mary has devoted much of her life to shaping our preschool into one of the top programs of Southern Maine. She has spent over thirty five years in early childhood education and is a founder of the preschool. Mary served as Assistant Director for ten years and has directed the school since 2008.  She worked to achieve NAEYC accreditation for the school, one of only seven preschool programs so designated in the Portland area. Mary is committed to providing the highest quality early childhood learning environment, where children’s individual needs are met each day by loving and nurturing caregivers. Our Preschool is where it is today, because of Mary’s leadership and vision.


Join the Goldman Family in making a gift to honor Mary and all she has done and continues to do for our community.


Raise your hand for Mary by making a gift of $5 or more for each family member that has been touched by Mary. Your gift will help raise the funds for the Mary Lilly Gathering Space!


For larger donations to be paid over five years and further giving opportunities, contact the Development Director, Alexandra Sax at (207) 772-1959 or asax@mainejewish.org.


Gifts at every level are appreciated.


Help spread the word, share this page with others. We want to show Mary how many lives she has touched.


Thank you!


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