Thank you Jewish Family Services Volunteers


The Jewish Community Alliance/Jewish Family Services thanks our fabulous volunteers for generously giving of their time and commitment to gemilut chasadim (acts of loving kindness) in the service of tikkun olam (repairing the world). It is through their support that JFS is able to fulfill its mission of reaching out to those in need in the Southern Maine community.

Mollie Barnathan (Russian Translation)

Susan Berkman (Shabbat on Wheels)

Jean Berman (Shabbat on Wheels)

Richard Blumenthal (Kosher Meals on Wheels)

Ron Blumenthal (Kosher Meals on Wheels)

Mike Brown (Kosher Meals on Wheels and Food Pantry)

Natalie Brown (Kosher Meals on Wheels and Food Pantry)

Rebecca Delois (Food Pantry)

Noah Dorius (Food Pantry)

Kathy Edelman (Food Pantry)

Sheri Faber (Food Pantry)

Maxine Farber (Shabbat on Wheels)

*Mayer Fistal (Programs) z"l

Sheri Fistal (Programs)

Judy Gatchell (Food Pantry)

Carlyn Gilbert (Food Pantry)

Susan Gladstein (Food Pantry)

Connie Goldberg (Food Pantry)

Barry Goldsmith (Food Pantry)

Sue Goldsmith (Food Pantry)

Diane Gotelli (Food Pantry and Kosher Meals on Wheels)

Donald Gotelli (Kosher Meals on Wheels)

Nancy Markowitz (Food Pantry)

Glen Niemy (Food Pantry)

Tess Niemy (Food Pantry)

Toni Passerman (Food Pantry)

Doris Pollack (Kosher Meals on Wheels)

Stan Pollack (Kosher Meals on Wheels)

Jordan Steinberg (Food Pantry)

Carolyn Turcio-Gilman (Food Pantry)

Jane Weinstein (Food Pantry)

Judy Wilson (Food Pantry and Kosher Meals on Wheels)

Norm Wilson (Kosher Meals on Wheels)


JFS Volunteers: 


  • Deliver Kosher Meals on Wheels to recipients in their homes

  • Pick up food from a warehouse and stock the shelves of our food pantry

  • Assist food pantry clients with their appointments

  • Provide companionship to those who are homebound in our community through Friendly Visiting

  • Bring Shabbat warmth to individuals in assisted living through the Shabbat on Wheels program

  • Assemble and deliver seder plates to area seniors 

  • Shop for families in need through the Hanukkah Lights program. 

  • Treat those they serve with kindness and respect.


  • Amy and Emma Jaffe assembling seder plates

  • Kathy Edelman volunteers in the food pantry

  • Richard Blumenthal volunteers for Meals on Wheels

  • Carlyn Gilbert volunteers in the food pantry

"You have got to give back. It's just part of life. What I enjoy is getting to know the people and seeing them on a regular basis. We have a rapport that builds up."          Carlyn Gilbert


When I made my decision to volunteer for Meals on Wheels I had no idea how profoundly moving this experience would be for me and what a blessing it would feel to be able to give. . . "     Rich Blumenthal 


It feels good to help people in our own community who need a hand. Small things that we may take for granted, like a bar of soap or a can of tuna, can make a big difference to someone else."     Kathy Edelman