Adult Education


Adult Education – like you’ve never seen before!

No Tests. No Homework. No Grades. Know Judaism.

Through JCA Adult Education, we engage both Jewish and non-Jewish individuals, couples and parents in ongoing opportunities to connect and learn about a broad range of topics relating to Judaism and Jewish life. Our offerings include a variety of classes from the world-renowned Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, a pluralistic and text-based curriculum based out of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Whether it’s a one-time Sephardic cooking workshop, a monthly Holocaust cinema class, or a 30-week course on Jewish ethics, we strive to offer excellent and relevant programming. People of all backgrounds are welcome. Deepen your understanding of Jewish history, practice and culture, join in age-old conversations, and forge new connections. Come for the learning and stay for the community!




Student Feedback

Now that I have studied two years, I cannot even imagine not getting up at least one morning a week to study! It's been the best thing for my mind and social interaction.

The learning experience and the faculty are wonderful. We learn new aspects of old material or completely new material. Importantly, we study with people we would otherwise never know. I am richer for being a Melton student.

Ellie Miller is a wonderful teacher. We are very blessed to have her teaching in our community. She is learned, wise, kind, encouraging and accommodating. It is an honor to be her student.

  • Adult Ed Siyum (Completion) 5776

  • Foundation Students and Spouses

  • Holocaust Studies Students and Speaker Tony Perry

  • Table Montage

  • Cake!

  • Siamese Mah Jongg Instruction