Past Trips with the JCA


We Went to Cuba!

On March 8, 2015, a delegation of 17 members of the Jewish Community Alliance traveled to CUBA through Jewish Cuba Connection! Participants spent time in Havana and the Eastern Coast as they learned about the Cuban Jewish Community which consists of 1,500 Jews, and the beauty of the island, the people and the amazing art and music.

The itinerary involved visits to several parts of the country, and provided opportunities to interact with the Cuban Jewish Community in a range of ways.

The JCA travelers had an amazing time, and everyone had something to add to the trip.  Read Perry Newman's Article in The Forecaster to find out more.


  • JCA Cuba Group with their amazing driver and guide!

  • Dancing at the Sephardic Center in Havana

  • Linda Abromson and Adela Dworin, cousin of Cindy Potter Tayler(JCA Community Member). Adela is the President to the Jewish Community of Cuba

  • Cars in Havana

  • Tzedakah Cuba

We Went to Israel!

The JCA's delegation to Israel had a wonderful visit May 11-23, 2014. Visit our Israel Trip blog, written by participants while they were traveling, to learn more about their experiences.